Greetings to all industry players;

Air quality remains at unhealthy level for several days and based on the Air Pollutant Index, and Port Klang became the worst place followed by several places in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Smoke from the forest, open burning from irresponsible people, peat-soil fires and other causes of carbon footprints drove air quality to the unhealthy levels. Lack of awareness and the sense of responsibility to take care of our mother nature are still weak among our society.

Green awareness among Industries player are needed to control carbon footprints. The support of Green Technologies in manufacturing will help to cultivate green solutions in the country which later on will lead to a self-sustainable future nation.  The Green Mandate will become an evidence and strong support from industries partners to show the society the seriousness of green awareness in the country. What we do today is for the future generations. Many initiatives development are continuous carried out and it seems that our role to foster green partnerships through green mandate is part of it and at the same time, we can ensure that the industries are supporting the Green.

The Green Mandate is one of the important milestones in Universiti Putra Malaysia’s towards Green Campaign. UPM has conceived Green Policy in the early of 2011 and just a few months later, we have started the Green Mandate 2011 and it is a continuous effort until 2013.  This maiden green effort is particularly exciting as we geared to meet Malaysian industries regarding Going Green. The Green Mandate is an effort to convey a strong message of awareness of the Green nation to industry players in Malaysia. It will become the evidence of the industries’ efforts in reducing the carbon footprints. Under this project, UPM will invite industries to join the Green voices towards a Green Nation. Each industry’s voice will be complied in the entire mandate.

We urge the industry players to instill the strong fundamental and the concept of and at the same time carrying out their social responsibility to educate community to start thinking Green as well.

In hope that, this wonderful idea of The Green Mandate will continue in the upcoming years and I would like to congratulate all who took so much effort on THE GREEN MANDATE.


YBhg. Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Aini Ideris, FASC
Vice Chancellor
Universiti Putra Malaysia

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