Warmest greetings to all the participants; It is my honour to address you as the strong pillars for us to come out with The Green Mandate which the  objective of Green Mandate itself, is to gather strong voice from industry players towards Green in Malaysia. We started with our campus Green Policy and we are naturally geared industry players to inculcate the green awareness and moved a step higher in Green Technology as par as foreign countries.

We are pleased to note that The Green Mandate became one of the evidence of industry players in Malaysia no matter small-medium size companies, government-liked companies and international companies; are towards to embrace the green efforts. Previously, The Green Mandate 2011 has reached 200 participants and the efforts continue to Year 2012-2013. We hope to see more industries partners will strongly voice out the mandate and inculcate the Green Awareness in the office atmosphere or would be better in the manufacturing process.

We hope that the seed to unearthing future green efforts among these companies is sown through this Green Mandate which bode well for the nation. It is our dedication to continue with these green efforts. We wish all participants alike great success towards a great nation.

Thank you.

Best Wishes,

Prof. Dr. – Ing Ir. Renuganth Varatharajoo
Deputy Vice Chancellor
(Industry and Community Relations)
Universiti Putra Malaysia

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