In line with the University’s Vision to become a reputable international university, UPM is committed to provide services and to develop based on the principles of sustainable development and together be responsible in raising the quality of life and ensure continuity of universal life.

In order to achieve this objective UPM is committed, and endeavours, as far as practicable, to:

  1. Provide awareness and education to stakeholders on sustainable development and the survival of universal living;
  2. Preserve biological diversity in natural and man-made environment in the University;
  3. Endeavour to reduce the release of greenhouse gases which contribute to climatic change through the efficient use of energy to prevent wastage and the use of alternative energy to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy;
  4. Reduce the production of all types of residues from all types of activities carried out in the University through the 4R (reduce, reuse, repair, recycle) programme;
  5. Reduce residue through the process of disposal and treatment in line with best practices;
  6. Reduce the use of treated water in daily activities in the University and promote the use of untreated water such as rain water and underground water;
  7. Reduce the use of private motor vehicles by improving OKU-friendly public transport in campus and between the campus and the public transport hub in the vicinity of the campus, and providing safer lanes for cyclists and pedestrians, and
  8. Adopting the concept of sustainable development in the management and development planning of the campus and providing the fund, within its capacity, for this purpose.

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